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Markets - W/C News & Beyond
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2017 natural disasters mean insurance rate increases in 2018Open in a New Window

While insurance industry surplus reached an all-time high in mid-2017, exceeding $700 billion, last year’s catastrophic events’ effect on earnings means thin profit margins for many carriers.


15 worst states for retirement: 2018Open in a New Window

You and your insurance clients might want to avoid these states when deciding where to retire.


Cyber hacks cost up to $109 billion in 2016, U.S. estimatesOpen in a New Window

Malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016, the White House said Friday.


Allianz raises its dividend, shrugging off hurricane claimsOpen in a New Window

A record year for natural-disaster insurance claims worldwide and a decline in fourth quarter profit wasn’t enough to stop Allianz SE from raising its dividend.


It's sink or swim time for the National Flood Insurance ProgramOpen in a New Window

For a program that already was $25 billion in debt, the added burden spotlighted just how precarious the future may be for the federally funded program.


2018 Agent Study: Should I stay with my current carriers?Open in a New Window

Agents ponder the age-old question: Should I stay, or should I go?


6 ways to tackle the insurance industry talent gapOpen in a New Window

February is Insurance Careers Month, and Insurance Careers Trifecta is focusing on appealing to the millennial workforce. Here are some of their strategies.


Self-driving cars, data prompt new auto insurance productsOpen in a New Window

The exponential growth of semi-autonomous cars requires rapid change on the part of producers and insurers alike.


Who's tops? Independent agents name 'best' carriers in factors most important to them (VIDEO)Open in a New Window

From responsive service to compensation programs, agents select the 'best' carriers in multiple areas of consideration.


Lawyer made her settle workers’ comp claim, client assertsOpen in a New Window

Be careful what you say under oath, especially if you decide to appeal a judge's decision.


Insurance archaeology & environmental claimsOpen in a New Window

These unique investigations help insurers determine coverage for long-tail claims.


2018's 10 best states to drive inOpen in a New Window

No traffic, no problem. Driving through these states will feel like a breeze.


Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway insurer enters Dubai with new hiresOpen in a New Window

Warren Buffett’s commercial insurance unit is expanding into the Middle East as it seeks to win over new clients in the region.


XL chief is trimming hedge fund wagers in $38 billion portfolioOpen in a New Window

XL is among insurers including AIG and MetLife Inc. that have shrunk allocations to hedge funds after years of high fees and performance that lagged benchmarks.


Around the P&C insurance industry: Feb. 14, 2018Open in a New Window

News from Sapiens International Corporation, Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation and more.


Know the difference: False pretense vs. theft coverageOpen in a New Window

Social engineering schemes, also known as false pretense crimes, are increasingly common losses for businesses.


Insureds to relay data to insurers through smart home devicesOpen in a New Window

Nearly half of all homeowners and renters in the U.S. would consider allowing their insurance company to receive information through smart home devices.


OSHA's asbestos regulations and litigation: What insurers should knowOpen in a New Window

Failure to comply with OSHA regulations on construction projects involving asbestos increases the risks for all involved.


5 best practices to fight the effects of distracted drivingOpen in a New Window

If your employees drive on company business, even in their own vehicles, you can use these tips to minimize distracted driving.